Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10 - Stolen Photo

I'm not really sure why, but Coram has a real love hate relationship with photos. OK, so to be honest, he has a real love hat relationship with just about everything. Including me. Nothing nicer than hearing your child scream 'I hate you and I want to stab you in the NIGHT!'. Right? Ya. Right. So anyways. I wanted a photo of him because I have a nice one of Lucas from the 1st, and he wanted me not to have a photo of him. Every time I tried to get one he would throw his arms over his face.

Enter my 10 times optical zoom.

He's doing the one thing he doesn't seem to have a love hate relationship - playing computer. I probably let him do that too much, but honest,y its predictable for him, it doesn't rush him when he needs extra time to process his answers, and he can feel successful with it. So where is the harm?


  1. Very nice photo Jewel! Ahh... it's so much fun as they get older, isn't it??

  2. Well, I'm scared of what will be with my kids in the future. Little kids means less trouble,s right?

  3. It is a nice photo that you stole, he he. I bet he was mad when you got that one. Children are so pleasant to be around at this age with their lovely attitudes. I have an 11 yo boy myself so I understand what you are going through.