Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 - Just how many do you need?

I used to be a Tupperware lady. That means I have a lot of Tupperware. Get a visual in your mind of a lot of Tupperware - then magnify it b a factor of at least three. I have Tupperware literally falling our of cupboards in the house, and i also have at least 4 moving boxes full of it in storage.

I'm not actually sure how I feel about my Tupperware collection. I was excited to acquire it at first. When I started to be really active as a consultant, I started accumulating it faster and faster. With each new product release, I needed samples for my demo kit, and I was earning pieces of it as incentives left, right and center. Suddenly I had 12 of the same blue bowl. Which would have been great if I'd stayed busy - because it's awesome to have that stuff to give away to people who host parties. But I stopped - suddenly - when I got very sick and stayed sick for about 8 months. So ya - I have a lot of Tupperware. And the bulk of it is an wrappers in storage.

I do have a fair chunk I use though. And a lot of Tupperware means a lot of lids. And no matter what you do, lots of lids means lots of clutter. And so I bring you - a collection of mine in need of attention LOL.


  1. Feel free to send me a box or two, anytime you want!!! Great collection!

  2. I'm not a fan of Tupperware since my MIL became a consultant and for every single occasion I was getting something (I have about 14 the same blue cups ;) )

  3. I used to sell years ago too... I love the stuff and still buy it once in awhile... like the first poster says, anytime you wanna give some away, I will take it off your hands lol. Have a great weekend and thanks for the visual... brought a smile to my face this weekend:)