Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20 - Love

I didn't go anywhere today. And I'm about done (for now) with photos of my laptop work area. So I took my camera around my house and looked for something to snap a photo of.

What I landed on was the favours I made for my wedding. Because of the lighting where it is, the flash wanted to go off, but when that happened you couldn't read the tag on the favour. I had to set the camera to low light in order to get a photo that was bright enough where you could still read the tag, and it actually turned our pretty. The gold ink on the tag is really gold! My dear friend Jane wrote out all the tags for me. She was living far away, and asked what she could do to help - and this was perfect! I didn't need to send any supplies, and she could mail the tags to me quite easily. Plus it made the favours that much more special to me because of her handwriting on them, making me think of her :)

My wedding was amazing. It wasn't traditional, I wore black and burgundy, our kids were the ring bearers, and I bought my bouquet from Safeway the morning of the wedding. But it was absolutely wonderful. It was a joyous celebration of our relationship, what we had gone through together, and how much we loved each other. Everyone had a wonderful time, and I want to do it again sometimes, a vow renewal, just to celebrate like that again!

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  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful photo first off, and a wonderful story to go with it!!! Glad to read about someone else's non-traditional wedding!!