Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 - A Treat

Yesterday's photo prompt at Gotta Pixel was to photograph a treat. I had already taken the cute cuddly cat photo, so I decided I'd photograph a treat today.

Treats are tougher for me than they once were, since discovering this past summer that I am allergic to dairy and wheat. No cakes, scones, buns, cars, muffins, ice cream, cream puffs, blah blah blah ... there are a few places that make rice flour goodies, but they are often very heavy and nothing like the 'real thing'.

Someone said that most good dark chocolate should be free of milk - and really, it should be, it should be mostly cocoa butter and cocoa. Sadly, this isn't the case. I have found only two dark chocolate bars that have no milk, and last time I was in the store one of the had a label marked 'discontinued', so I suspect this is my last remaining available chocolate.

You'd think that without those goodies in my diet I'd drop weight ... no such luck. Sigh. My system is so out of wak its not even funny.

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